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How our team brings in over 10,000 new customers every month!

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What is really possible for you?
Here are our actual numbers of how many people we've helped on our team to reach the top leadership levels in our company: 
  • Elite: 6,225 families
  • Premier: 2,435 families
  • Silver: 1,076 families
  • Gold: 404 families
  • Platinum: 82 families
  • Diamond: 134 families
  • Blue Diamond: 42 families
  • Presidential Diamond: 15 families
The greatest differenciator in a business builder becoming a leader is their mindset! Allow us to help you begin mastering your mindset today!!!

"After my first coaching call with Seantay I felt such immediate relief, from my overwhelm that I cried happy tears!"
- Laura G
"These coaching calls with Seantay are life changing!! I am so much more aware of my thoughts and where my emotions come from and that I have control! Seantay is so good at taking you through each situation and helping you understand why you feel the way you do and where to shift your brain to create something different." 
- Kathryn P
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